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Hugh was born on April 30, 1864 but was in-fact baptised before this date, on March 31, 1864. Also on his Merchants Seaman's Identity Card  from 1918, it gives his date of birth as June 7, 1864.




               Baptism record of Hugh                                          Birth certificate              



            2nd page of Merchant Seaman's card

           "I have over-written the relevant information so that it is highlighted"


Hugh's birth was registered by his sister Mary who was present at the birth.. It is believed that sometime later Mary emigrated too America and married somebody rich, possibly in the Baltimore area, but could have been anywhere. This information has been passed down by word of mouth. While in Waterford in 1999 and talking to Jimmy McGuire who lives in Spring Garden Alley, he said that the family had been approached recently by an American Lawyer looking for relatives of a MCGUIRE, but they told the lawyer that they did not know of the McGuire's that he was looking for and that they were not relative's. Unfortunately, they Irish clan were unaware at the time of the family in Wales. Could the relatives they were looking for be the relatives of Mary?




Hugh's death certificate



Mary Ellen Walsh, daughter of Laurence and Mary (nee Kirwan) Walsh was born on June 26, 1865.



      IGI record of Mary Ellen's birth

The following details are from the church record of her baptism....


23456 Mary Ann Walsh.... June 29, 1865

Father: Laurence     Mother: Mary Kirwan

Sponsors: Michael Kirwan and Brigid Hasset

Parish: Ballybricken     Church: Ballybricken

Priest: T. McGrath     Register: B/1844 - 1874     P. 364

Address: Upper Yellow Road

Stipend: 1/-

Note.... On the church baptism record, Mary's second name is Ann but in her civil registration, this name has now changed to Ellen.


Siblings of Mary Ellen


At some time Hugh and Mary married and their first child was James McGuire. James was born on October 28, 1888 but unfortunately died on December 20, 1888. He died from Convulsions that were un-certified as there was no medical presence at the time of death. His mother Mary Ellen registered the death.



Baptism entry                      Birth certificate                                  Death certificate       



The next child born was Mary Ellen, later known as Eileen or eventually Big Eileen. She was born on January 3, 1892, but I have found that she was baptised on December 20, 1891.  In 1894, her sister, Harriet was born. Her date of birth was June 1, 1894. It was after this date that the family then moved to Evelyn Street, in the Tiger Bay area of Cardiff,  Now began the Welsh and English connection of the McGuire family from Waterford, Ireland.



Eileen's  baptism entry                    Eileen's birth certificate      




        Harriet's baptism entry                              Harriet's birth certificate              




 Two photograph's of Stephen Street, Waterford where both Hugh

and his son James were born.