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Although knowing very little about Jeremiah McGuire, for sometime I thought that he might be the brother Richard, Hugh and Mary but had no proof that he was.

This proof has now come about with his civil marriage details and they are as follows....


Record No.: 3250

Hus. Name: Jeremiah McGuire*     Occupation: Sailor

Hus. Address:: Peter Street     Condition: Batchelor     Age: 23

Hus. Parents: Jeremiah McGuire    Par. Occupation: Sailor

Wife Name: Elizabeth Bryen     Wife Occupation:

Wife Address: Manor     Condition: Spinster     Age: FA

Wife Parents: Thomas Bryen     Par. Occupation: Sailor

Witnesses: James Hanlon and Mary Tobin

Mar. Place: St John's     Union: Waterford

Officiator: Maurice Keating     ADM Mar. Date: April 14, 1883

Registrar: P. Cutler     District: Waterford]

Reg Date: May 28, 1883     Register: No 1 Urban Book 24     Page: 21

Comments: His mark

In the church records of the marriage the following information is also given....

Marriage Register: M/1857 - 1893    P. 103

Hus. Parents: Jeremiah and Mary Parsley

Hus. Par. Address: Peter Street

Wife's parent's address: Thomas Street

Witnesses addresses: James Hanlon - The Square, Mary Tobin - Exchange Street.

Jeremiah's mother is listed as Parsley and this is probably a mistake.


Jeremiah and Elizabeth's children