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Jeremiah McGuire is known to have been a sailor. At present it is not known where he or his wife were born or where they were married. A record of  Jeremiah McGuire can be found in the British Census of 1881 where he is a crew member of the SS. Copeland docked in Plymouth harbour. In the census, his age is given as 50, which means that he was probably born about 1831. At some time he married a Mary Taylor and on April 30, 1864 they had a son named Hugh, although they had previously other children, Mary and Jeremiah who at present are not believed to have been born in Waterford City.

  Hugh McGuire was born in Waterford and Hugh's birth was registered by, as stated on his birth certificate, "Mary, sister of child, present at birth". This fact leads to the question of, how old does a person have to be to register a birth at that time?, i.e., How old was Mary? as her father was aged 33. 

It is also known that he had a brother Richard born in Waterford on May 20, 1860. It is now known from information received from the Waterford Genealogy  Center that he, Hugh and Mary had another brother Jeremiah. The information was taken from the document of the marriage record of Jeremiah to Elizabeth Bryen April 14, 1883. It gives Jeremiah's parents names as  Jeremiah and interestingly the mother as Mary Parsley. His address is given as Peter Street. It is believed that a mistake was made in the registering the name of his mother in the church records at the time. The address of the parents of Jeremiah was also given as Peter Street. When Hugh McGuire married in 1886, his address and his parents is also given as Peter Street.


Hugh grew up and followed in his fathers footsteps and became a sailor and on October 9, 1886 he married Mary Ellen Walsh. Mary Ellen was born in Waterford on June 26, 1865. Her parents names were Laurence Walsh and Mary Kirwan.

Mary Ellen had a brother's and other sister's. Their name's are Eliza who is believed to have died at a young age and Brigid, Elizabeth, Michael, Catherine and Ann.


Hugh and Mary's first child was James McGuire born on October 22, 1888 but died a few months later on December 20, 1888. He died from convulsions, although there was no medical presence there at the time, and the death was registered by his mother. Their next child was Mary Ellen, later to be known as Big Eileen. Eileen was born on January 3, 1892 according to her birth certificate, but I have found from the St. Patrick's Church, Waterford, records that she was baptised on December 20, 1891. This may well mean that she was born on December 19 as the Irish baptise their children almost immediately. The third child born was Harriet and she was born on June 1, 1894. At the time of James birth, Hugh and Mary Ellen were living in Stephens Street, Waterford and when Eileen and Harriet were born they were living in Patrick Street, Waterford.





In 1896, Hugh and Mary were now living in Cardiff and had a child born to them by the name of  Mary Kate. Mary Kate was born on August 3, 1896 but unfortunately died  16 days later on August 19, 1896. The cause of death is given as 8 days Gastro Enteritis and 8 days Diarrhoea. She was buried in Cathays cemetery, Cardiff in grave no. R1406 on  Friday, August 21, 1896. At the time of her death the McGuire's were living at 6, Evelyn Street, Cardiff, Glamorgan, UK.


Hugh and Mary's next child born was my father Thomas Patrick McGuire and he was born on March 3, 1898  also at  6, Evelyn Street, Cardiff. 


Mary Ellen (mother) died on November 29, 1902 at 17, Evelyn Street, Cardiff from Phthisis which is another name for TB. She was buried with her daughter Mary Kate in Cathays cemetery, Cardiff. Her death was registered by her sister A. Young. On the baptismal record for both Mary Kate and Thomas Patrick, the St. David's Cathedral records show that the Godmother was Ann Walsh, was she Mary Ellen's sister and did she later marry and become A. Young?.  On June 24, 1904 Hugh remarried in Bideford, North Devon to a lady named Mable Mayne who had also been previously married. Mable lived in Appledore, Devon and her maiden name was Kenward. From this union Hugh's last child was born on April 17, 1905. His name was Vivian John McGuire, affectionly known as "Jack".


Eileen McGuire married Frank Abraham on August 1, 1912 in Newport, Monmouthshire.

Harriet McGuire married Gerald Fitzgerald in 1919, again in Newport, Monmouthshire.

John McGuire married Anne Gillard on August 5, 1929 in Newport, Monmouthshire.

Thomas McGuire married Gwynneth Gillard (Anne's sister) on November 7, 1931 in Newport, Monmouthshire.

And so the roots of the MCGUIRE family from Waterford, Ireland have now been laid in Wales and are connected to the Abraham and Fitzgerald family from Newport and the Morgan and Gillard family from Cwmbran.


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